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gold bar, gold IRAWhy People are Investing in Gold IRAs and Precious Metals

The global economy has suffered many hits in recent years. The spark that ignited the current volatility was the 2008 financial crisis. Despite the best efforts of governments and policy makers, the economy has not significantly improved. Now  the economy is a very wild, volatile place that is simply extremely unpredictable. Since 2008 we have seen how an economic crisis can totally destroy businesses, personal savings and jobs almost overnight . All with little or no warning. Those that were unprepared for the 2008 crisis lost a lot. May be this even applies to you?

If the majority of your financial power is made up of assets valued in fiat currencies (i.e. legal tender whose value relies mainly on a nation’s economic health), then there is almost no chance that it will maintain its value. In other words its purchasing power over the coming years will go down. At this very moment fiat currencies across the world are being printed and depreciating the value of your savings and investments!

What about you, and your investments and retirement savings?

Is your financial future secure?

To protect the value of your hard earned money, you can choose to take wise action and have your IRA backed by assets that have intrinsic value. These commodities such as gold, silver and other precious metals all do very well in economic hard times as the ultimate `safe-haven’ investments.

Gold in particular remains a very stable investment and appreciates over time.

Not only that but the mining and and production of both gold and silver has slowed down dramatically in recent times. This slowdown is happening at a time when there is an increasing demand.


Simple economic laws state that low supply + high demand

= increased value


Gold and silver have always been in demand since the very beginning of the human monetary system. But gold and silver are more thanSilver & Gold IRA just a money or a commodity. Gold and silver are used in many industries, especially electronics. As the world becomes ever more digital, more and more of these metals will be needed for the products we buy. Also many countries such as China and India place a lot of emphasis on the metals as part of their cultural ceremonies.

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Investing in Gold IRA Investments and other precious metals can help you navigate the turbulent waters of the global economy and ensure your wealth is not only protected, but also grows over the coming years.

Key Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Gold Company

Every industry has excellent and bad firms that operate in it, and the precious metals sector is no different. To find the best gold IRA companies to invest in, it is a good idea to ask them the following questions.

If a company doesn’t give the answers to the questions so easily, then you should do a little research to ensure they are trustworthy.

When was your company founded?

Generally speaking, the longer a company has been in business the better. A company should have a proven track record over several years and should not be plagued by bad reports that make it inferior to its peers. Being in business for a long time is good, but this length of service must also bring with it reviews of many satisfied customers.

Are you experts in precious metals /gold IRA rollovers and transfers?

You work hard for your money, and as a result you should only entrust experts to make your money work hard for you. Your gold IRA company should have seasoned financials experts who work in the world of precious metals investing and have done for several years. The company should know all the details and regulations about gold IRA rollovers, transfers and precious metals investing.

What are the clients reviews like?

Any company that receives great reviews from previous and present clients is an indication that it is a trustworthy and professional service. But, reviews should always be checked on third-party review sites, forums and investor sites. Never make the mistake of just trusting reviews posted on the company’s own homepage.

What are your current precious metals prices?

Obviously checking the company’s gold price and other precious metals prices and the real live market price is important. A precious metals company should have a very competitive price against the real price listed on google.


Where will you store my precious metals?

Any company that offers shared or `co-mingled’ storage should in our view not be trusted. For peace of mind you should want your wealth stored separately from others. Think of it as having your own safety-deposit box at a bank. Look for segregated storage for your wealth, and avoid any `administrative errors’ in the future when it comes to accessing your investments.

What kind of fees and fee structure does the company have?

When you choose a company for precious metals investing and gold IRA rollovers, one of the most important things to get a grip on are the fees. You don’t want to be paying more as your IRA grows, so you want a company that has some kind of standard, flat fee structure. This means annually you pay the same. You will also have to consider what the company you choose charges for the other essential services such as: application, storage, setup, shipping and delivery, processing, etc.

You don’t want to be stuck with a policy that has hidden costs that eat into your profit, so research here is important.

How fast can you process my IRA / 401k rollover?

With the internet and the digital era making everything so much faster, a reputable gold company should be able to process your 401k / IRA rollover within 48 hours.

The speed at which the company can process your rollover speaks well of how efficiently the company is managed, and how regularly they do these kind of tasks. Any lengthy delays indicate that the company does not have enough experience to handle your retirement funds and investments professionally.

How fast can you deliver me my precious metals?

At some point you will want to take ownership of your investment physically. This may be immediately, or at some time in the future. However, there is no justification for a company to stall on delivery and make you wait. After all, the precious metals which you own are your property and you have already paid for them. This means the company should easily be able to get them to you in seven working days or less.

Is there a buy back program and what is it?

If you wish to liquidate your precious metals investments in the future, a company with a buy back program is one of the easiest ways to do this. After all, life is unpredictable and perhaps you will need to tap into some of your precious metals for unforeseen events. If so, choose a company that has a reasonable price on their buy back program so that you don’t lose out.

How easy is it for me to contact you?

The key to a trustworthy precious metals company is for them to be available for their customers. A reputable company should be responsive and keep you updated. Will you have an agent dealing with your account personally? Is the company proud to display their contact details such as email addresses and phone numbers?
Are you able to contact them 24/7?
How quickly do they reply to inquiries?

Who Do We Recommend?

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Regal Assets is a leading name in the gold industry and provides premium, professional services for gold IRA /401k rollover accounts.

They have a proven track record and meet all of the criteria listed above after careful review. They have been in the industry for a long time and have excellent customer testimonials. Their shipping and processing times are great and the gold prices is very near to market standards.

For a full report on Regal Assets check out this in depth review of the company.

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Regal Assets Testimonials

By providing outstanding customer service and being dedicated to dealing with all clients queries big and small, they have earned a 99.9% client satisfaction rating.

The following testimonials have all been verified by TrustLink as their staff have called the clients leaving the reviews personally and verified their emails.

Below are just a sample of testimonials of the many satisfied customers who chose Regal Assets for their Gold IRA / 401k Rollover.


Thank you!
The creation of my new IRA account went well. The roll over was a simple and painless process. Derrick Gordon was great to work with and very helpful. The Regal Assets team always responded quickly when I had questions or a concern. I encourage others to give them a call. You will not be disappointed.

Review Posted 5/4/2017
Randall W.


Will do business with this company again.
I was very nervous in transferring my money from my IRA to a gold IRA account. I was dealing with Ryder Ray of Regal Assets. He made my transaction very easy and at my own pace. They did not pressure me at all like another company did. He was very informative in every way. Very pleased with the transactions and will continue to do business with him and his company. Thanks again Ryder Ray.

Review Posted 5/4/2017
William M.

We recently rolled a portion of our retirement to physical gold. After researching different companies and getting an uneasy feeling about them we found Regal Assets. Thru must research about them and reading the reviews we chose them to handle our purchase. We can't say enough about the whole process from the first call to the last. Nick Giordano was great. His knowledge and patience thru the process was exceptional. The transaction was completed within 10 days. Could not have been a better experience for us. Our thanks to the whole Regal Staff. Have already recommended it to others.

Review Posted 3/16/2017
D. M.

Why Choose Regal Assets?

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If you decide that investing in gold is the way that you want to protect your financial future and generate wealth in these uncertain economic times, then Regal Assets is the best choice on the market today. It is good to know that your financial future is in good hands.

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