Accuplan Review

Accuplan Review

In this Accuplan Review, we examine the business, what it offers clients, what we think are its strong points, what we didn’t like, and whether we would use it to invest in gold or gold-backed IRA's or not.

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Who is Accuplan?

Based out of South Jordan, Utah, Accuplan has been in the investment and retirement business since 1993. They offer a range of products and options for people to invest in for retirement. With this said, they started life as a real estate investment company and as a result are not solely focused on precious metals.

What Does Accuplan Offer?

The company branched out into precious metals and gold-backed IRA’s, Self-Directed IRA’s, Self-Directed 401k’s, from real estate.

They have a range of coins available to invest in including the Gold Canadian Maple Leaf, American Gold Eagle and American Gold Buffalo.

The company also offers clients the chance to purchase gold and silver bullion bars.

What To Like About Accuplan

A Variety of Retirement Services Including Gold-Backed IRA's

Accuplan offers clients a range of diverse services for their retirement including gold-backed IRA’s, gold IRA rollover services.

Long History of Service

Accuplan has been in operation since 1993.

What We DIDN’T Like About Accuplan

Lack of Specialism

Accuplan offers a range of services, which is good for somebody that is unsure about what they wish to invest in. However, the company has morphed from a real estate based business into a business that caters for many aspects that are attractive to retirees. This is both a positive and a negative thing. From an investing in gold and precious metals point of view, this jack of all trades approach. It raises doubts about the company’s specialism in precious metals investing, and gold-backed IRA's expertise.

High & Unclear Storage Fees

Segregated storage should be one of the first things a client looks for when choosing a company for their gold-backed IRA's or gold IRA rollover. While Accuplan do offer segregated storage their own website lists the cost as `significantly more expensive’. This should raise red flags for anyone looking to invest with a precious metals company. One of the key things to provide peace of mind is to know that your purchases of precious metals are being stored separately from other clients. This means there is no risk of confusion or inventory `accidents’ such as double entries into stock taking records.

Lack of Positive Reviews

Accuplan does not rate favorably on independent review sites such as the Better Business Bureau, Business Consumer Alliance, TrustLink or the Ripoff Report. This should also make any potential client skeptical about the company’s ability to deliver high quality, reliable service. As an investor for retirement or long-term financial gain, knowing that a company has a solid record of good reviews and satisfied customers is important. This provides both peace of mind and is a testament to how well the company performs over the long term.

Accuplan – IRA Fees

Initial Setup Fee$35
Annual Fee$150
Annual Storage Fee
< $25,000
$120 (flat rate)
Annual Storage Fee > $25,000$216 (flat rate)

Rankings, Complaints and Customer Reviews

Below are the reviews and information available for Accuplan from independent review authority sites.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The company is not recognized by the Better Business Bureau, and has rating of NR. As of April 2015 Accuplan decided not to participate in any of the BB’s programs. There are 2 complaints logged about the company the details of which are not accessible. By Accuplan deciding to leave the BB, this indicates that the business itself may well be aware of their shortcomings and not wish them to be publicly reviewed. (read more)


Business Consumer Alliance (BCA)

bca logo

Accuplan is not registered or recognized by the BCA, which should also make any potential client question why a company that has been in business for over 3 decades, has not been accredited by such an organization.


yelp review logo

With an absence of reviews on TrustLink we turned to Yelp! for any information we could find about the company. The reviews speak for themselves, see below or read more.


Accuplan Review - Closing Thoughts

While the company has been in business for over three decades, the lack of positive reviews is a little worrying from a gold investing or gold-backed IRA's point of view. Anybody looking to invest their hard earned capital with a company for retirement and to safeguard themselves against potential economic problems should choose a company with a proven track record. The reviews on Yelp are also very worrying as these clients have experienced terrible customer service and a difficult battle for what should be simple transactions made by the company.

While the longevity of the company is a positive factor, when looking to for a company to handle a gold IRA rollover, one should choose a company that specializes in precious metals as their core business, has an excellent customer service record and a multitude of satisfied customers happy to review the company.

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