Goldco Direct Review

Goldco Direct Review

In this Goldco Direct Review, we examine the business and what it offers clients. We review the strong points, what we didn’t like, and whether we would use it to invest in gold or a gold backed IRA or not.

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Goldco Direct Review - Who is Goldco Direct?

Goldco Direct LLC have been operating since 2006 and have their headquarters in California. The company offers several services, but specialize in delivering physical gold and silver products to their clients.

Goldco Direct also offer clients the opportunity of adding precious metals to IRA and 401k accounts.


Goldco Direct Review - What Does Goldco Direct Offer?

With global economic uncertainty in the world today, safeguarding the purchasing power of your of your hard earned money is important. The threats of hyperinflation, economic shocks and other social and political tensions are never ending. Making sure you choose the best investment company is important.

One of the ways to do this is by processing a gold IRA rollover. Which is a service that Goldco Direct recommends to its clients.
The company sells investment grade silver and gold coins along with other precious metals options. These are things like silver and gold bullion, numismatic pre1933 gold coins and certified coins as well.

The company also has useful tools available on their website such as charts, historical data and information, predictions and various vieos. This information can prove very useful to anyone looking at processing a gold IRA rollover.

Goldco Direct Review - What To Like About Goldco Direct

Accredited by BBB

Having achieved the accreditation of `A+’ level by the BBB is a good statement of how well the company is performing. It is also worth noting that Goldco Direct has managed to resolve complaints from clients satisfactorily.

Diverse range of Products

The company has various options for the investor to choose from. These include IRA eligible gold and silver coins, gold and silver IRAs and various bullion and numismatic options.

Goldco Direct Review - What We DIDN’T Like About Goldco Direct

Goldco Direct offer a range of services which are appealing to investors and potential clients. However, with this said there are also some other things worth considering. These may help an investor make a more informed choice about which company is best for them.

Limited Feedback from Clients

The company has good ratings from the BBB, but has limited and inadequate feedback from other sources. This is important since before entrusting your finances to an investment company, it is wise to find out what other investors think say of their experiences.

Vague IRA Plan

Goldco Direct consider themselves as specialists in silver and gold IRA’s. The company does not however have custodian services for the IRA investment. As an investor you must set up the account using an actual custodian to enable IRA services.

This needs to be done before purchasing precious metals for investment. However the company’s website does not offer information on how to do this. This is a severe challenge for many investors.

Goldco Direct – IRA Fees

Initial Setup FeesDepends on Custodian
Annual Admin FeesDepends on Custodian
Annual Storage Fees$100 (scaled rate)
Minimum Purchase AmountNot Disclosed
Preferred DepositoryDelaware Depository

Goldco Direct Review - Rankings, Complaints and Customer Reviews

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Goldco Direct has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau which is admirable. They boast both positive reviews and also three complaints in the last three years about misleading customers and overcharging. However, the company has dealt with the complaints from customers. (read more)

Business Consumer Alliance (BCA)

Goldco Direct has an AAA rating with the BCA. This is the highest possible rating, however it is based on just 1 Goldco Direct review. This could be of some concern since the company has been in business for over a decade and registered with the BCA since 2012. (read more)


TrustLink 5 Stars


Based on 217 reviews

On the review aggregator site TrustLink, Goldco Direct has a five star rating based on 217 reviews.

Goldco Direct Review – Closing Thoughts

There are some good, positive things about Goldco Direct, such as their varied investment options and user friendly website. However, there is no real information about how to get an actual custodian for an IRA.

After taking into consideration the pros and cons of investing with Goldco Direct, it may be wisest to seek a company that makes processing a gold IRA or 401k rollover as easy as possible. Getting a gold IRA custodian should be clear and easy to understand and the company you choose should be able to handle this smoothly for you.

Which Investment Company do We Recommend?

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