Regal Assets Review

In this Regal Assets Review, we examine the business and what it offers clients. We look at the strong points, what we didn’t like, and whether we would use it to invest in gold or a gold backed IRA or not.

Who is Regal Assets?

Regal Assets is a major player in the gold investment world. The company specializes in helping people secure their financial power. This is done by investing in gold and gold-backed IRA programs. They also offer financial investments based on other precious metals, such as silver, palladium and platinum.

Regal Assets have literally been taking the financial world by storm in the last decade. Forbes magazine did a Regal Assets Review in 2016 and 2014, where they recommended people make investments in gold and gold-backed IRAs through them.  Market Watch, Reuters, the Huffington post all also mention the company favorably. SmartMoney. Inc. Magazine did a Regal Assets Review in 2013, where they placed in the top 500 fastest growing private companies in the USA.

Regal Assets Review - What Does Regal Assets Offer?

Regal Assets are one of the premium gold and precious metals dealers and investment companies operating in the USA today. They buy and sell gold, silver and other precious metals in bars, coins and bullion. They specialize in helping people transfer their wealth out of paper assets and move their wealth into physical precious metals. The turbulent sea of economic troubles never seeming to get any calmer, Regal Assets is a safe port in the storm.

Regal Assets has 2 different options for the personal investor:
$5,000 Merchant Package - This is for anyone that is looking for easy to liquidate gold/silver investments.

$10,000 Knighthood Package - This is for people who want to have enough safely invested in precious metals to protect their families, should a need arise.

For investing in precious metals, the company offers four types of gold portfolio:

$25,000 Legacy Portfolio – this is aimed at immediate profit potential.
$50,000 Kingship Portfolio – this is specifically designed to protect clients from inflation.
$100,000 Dynasty Portfolio – this offers great return on initial investment along with stability against inflation and other economic turbulence.
$250,000+ Coronation Portfolio – this is for those that wish to focus their investment in gold on long term wealth accumulation.

Regal Assets Review - Why We Like Regal Assets

Excellent Track Record

Regal Assets has an excellent track record and one that they are very proud of. Searching on line for `Regal Assets Review’ will show you a host of very satisfied customers. They have over a thousand positive reviews from over the years. This is more than any other gold IRA or gold investment company we have reviewed so far. We could only find one negative Regal Assets Review on any of our independent review sites.

The company have great reviews on independent review sites such as TrustLink, and also have an A+ rating from the Better Business bureau.

Segregated Storage

Segregated storage is important for your investments, and some companies don’t provide it. Instead these companies essentially have one large safe. The problem is that clients gold coins, bars and bullion storing is all mixed together. By doing so, there can be administrative errors that occur because an investor's physical gold has actually been given to another investor by mistake.

Regal Assets offers all clients segregated storage. While they are not the only company to provide this service, they have surprisingly low fees, compared with their competition. A fixed annual storage fee of $150 applies at Regal Assets which is far below the industry average of $250+.

Fast Shipping and Processing Time

Regal Assets guarantees safe delivery of your gold and other precious metals should you require them within seven days. This is low for the industry where it is usually somewhere between 15 to 30 days or even longer! This is a long wait time before a client can expect to take delivery of their already bought and paid for precious metals.
Not only that but you are compensated for late delivery by having a free Silver American Eagle given to you by way of an apology.

Specializes in Gold IRA Rollovers

95% of Regal Assets’ business comes from IRA rollovers of clients. The reason their company is so highly regarded is the professional way that they take care of their clients needs. When making the change to a gold-backed IRA paperwork is a must. It is essential that the right tax forms and other legal paperwork are filled out, as small errors cost big in the long run. Investors can rest content in the knowledge that their investments are in good hands.

Flat Fees

Regardless of the amount in your retirement account, the fee remains the same at a low $250 per year. In the first year all fees such as administration, storage, delivery, and so on are waived. You only pay fees from your second year onwards.

What We DIDN’T Like About Regal Assets

High Account Minimums

Regal Assets is not for those with limited financial resources. Their lowest package, the Merchant Package is $5,000 dollars which may be too much for some investors.

Regal Assets IRA Fees

Initial Setup Fees$0
Annual Admin Fees$100
Annual Storage Fees$150
Minimum Purchase Amount$10,000
Preferred DepositoryBrink's Global Services

Rankings, Complaints and Customer Reviews

Almost every review for the company online is positive, with just 1 complaint a long time ago. Many of the reviews on TrustLink voice great appreciation and appraisal of their very friendly customer service, and the ease at which clients can complete a gold IRA rollover. Their staff are well praised and mentioned in the majority of customer reviews.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)



The company holds a Better Business Bureau A+ rating. This means that Regal Assets has passed the BBB’s rigorous 16-point evaluation index for businesses. There are also no complaints against the company on the BBB website. (Read More)

Business Consumer Alliance (BCA)



Regal Assets holds a AAA ranking on the Business Consumer Alliance website, which is the top possible ranking. . As of this writing, Regal Assets has no complaints on the BCA site (read more).



Based on 1021 reviews

On the review aggregator site TrustLink, Regal Assets has a 5 out 5 stars ranking. The reviews are also extremely positive and satisfied by their experience with Regal Assets.
Here are a few customer reviews taken from their website:

Setting Up an Account With Regal Assets

There can be a lot of paperwork involved when rolling over your retirement funds from a traditional IRA into precious metals. Many people get confused by this and make mistakes that can cost them money in the long run.

However, Regal Assets has a team of specialist IRA experts that are more than happy to help new clients set up their own self-directed IRA. The company contacts a client's IRA custodian and deals with everything to have the funds transferred over to them. As a client your only real task is to decide how much you wish to invest and which metals you wish to invest in.

Why Choose Regal Assets?





Official WebsiteClient TestimonialsRecommended Packages
Give them a call: 1 877 962 1133

For those that wish to ensure their investments against the dangers of inflation and unforeseen risks to the economy, Regal Assets is our recommendation. The company has many positive advantages over other gold companies such as:

 Does not have unreasonably high rates
Has great customer feedback

Has a buy-back program
Ensures the growth potential of their clients’ investments

Regal Assets meets and surpasses a the metrics that a reputable gold company should have. It has fast processing times, excellent selection of coins, low fees, patient and attentive agents and financial experts. If you want to learn more about this company and what it can offer you check out the Regal Assets official website or call 1 877 962 1133

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